The RBPS Vuleka Trust was established at the beginning of 2012

by a group of Rondebosch Boys Prep School (RBPS) ‘old boys’ -

also E76 RBHS matriculants - with the aim of ‘opening doors’ to

a high standard of education for pupils of previously disadvantaged

backgrounds who are eligible and selected for enrolment into this

123 year-old public school but whose families are not in a financial

position to afford such.

Monies raised by the RBPS Vuleka Trust are therefore utilised for the payment, or part-payment, of school fees, uniforms, remedial and language lessons deemed necessary by the trustees to enhance and uphold the dignity of pupils enrolled at RBPS whose families find themselves in marginalised and financially disadvantaged positions.

Trustees and Chairperson


John During

Mark Butler

Michael Evans

John Bradshaw


Antoinette Bell


Advisory members

Helen During

Mike Probyn


What we do

At present we have 7 boys from previously disadvantaged backgrounds that are on a full bursary with the RBPS Vuleka Trust

In addition, financially disadvantaged pupils are currently supported with:

  • Part payment of speech and occupational therapy sessions

  • Private tutoring

  • Educational psychologist assessments

  • Uniform

  • Music lessons

  • Stationery

  • Transport

  • Aftercare

We feel strongly that, in order for boys to feel truly integrated, we need to support them in every way possible and the extremely positive feedback from the school is indicative of the difference the RBPS Vuleka Trust is making in the lives of these pupils and their families.



Whilst the RBPS Vuleka Trust relies on donations, bequests and other funding from individuals, various annual fundraising initiatives such as the Cape Town Cycle Tour and OMTOM (Two Oceans Half Marathon) have been implemented in order to ensure that a reasonable and sustainable income is achieved to cover, at the very least, the annual expenses of the current ‘Vuleka’ learners at the school.



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