August 20, 2016


We have raised,
R37 322 !!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

R162 678 until we reach our target!
Scroll down to read about their final preparations and having to use wet wipes to wash with!!





Good News!

After a successful surgery and an incredibly quick recovery, our group of three is back up to four! All four ladies will continue with their final preparations for their 400 km hike which begins in 2 weeks!

Our third boy has been selected to be on a full bursary with The RBPS Vuleka Trust. He will begin school next year and join our other two boys: Lina and Oyama.

With limited time left, the team are starting to pack their backpacks with essentials that will be needed on the hike.


Pictured are baby wipes which will be used to wash with and eco-friendly laundry liquid for clothing.

2 Weeks to Go!

With just two weeks to go, Helen, Debbie, Jo-Anne and Lisa are completing their final training program and ticking off all the items, on the list, that need to be packed.

The girls have continued to take on strenuous hikes throughout the week, which included steeper inclines, going a little off track, longer hours and many more kilometers.

A recent hike began at Chapman's Peak: up the mountain and over to Silvermine, across Ou Kaapse Weg and then down into Kalk Bay. This totaled 25 km and took them 8 hours, with stops (this will be their daily rate soon!).
Debbie had a nasty fall on a slippery boardwalk (nothing too serious). Other than that, the ladies had a great day of hiking.

Eden to Addo

Fundraising Initiative 

In September: four determined women; Helen During, Debbie Stegman, Jo-Anne Sedgwick and Lisa Walters, will embark on a 400 km hike over the strenuous Baviaanskloof mountain range to raise money for the RBPS Vuleka Trust. Together the four will walk 1600 km over three weeks, enduring  sub-zero nights, bucket baths and long drops. They will average 20 km's a day, with the longest day being a 35 km hike and the shortest being 12 km's.
This hike is considered to be one of the toughest hiking trails in South Africa.

Our goal is to raise R200 000 for the Vuleka Trust
We would deeply appreciate your becoming part of our
initiative by sponsoring us.
Any amount is welcome.

These monies will cover the foundation phase school fees (Grades 1, 2 and 3) for two new boys through 2017, 2018 and 2019.

The RBPS Vuleka Trust is a SARS registered Section 18A PBO Fund and all donations are tax deductible.

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